Connecting Marketing & Sales

Of course, we believe in the power of inbound marketing for B2B organisations, it’s our whole philosophy and why we started. However, we also appreciate the important role sales plays in ensuring all those marketing efforts don’t go to waste and you see an ROI.

After seeing dozens of clients let high-quality, ready-to-buy leads slip through the net we felt it was time to do something so we set about helping them design a winning sales processes for their business and it transformed the relationship between marketing and sales.

Data Rich Insights

As we have a wealth of data from the marketing campaigns we work on we can use this to design highly efficient sales processes. The more insight your sales team have about their leads, they can of course personalise their approach and increase their close rate.

And similarly, as the marketing and sales teams are now communicating together any insights from the sales calls/meetings can be fed back to the marketing team to inform and update future campaigns.


Your Trellis

Marketing Support

Once you’ve got your sales process in ship shape we hope you’ll go onto to become marketing whizz’s too and see great success. However, with the continuously updating world of online marketing, it can be handy to know you have a trusted partner you can turn to if you have any questions or need any further support and training. We’re here to help!

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The Sales Process Design Process


First of all, we run a discovery session with the key stakeholders from your team. This helps us understand your goals and current sales process to ensure we’re working from the same page right from the off.

Process Creation

We then set about creating the steps in your sales process for the different audiences and lead stages. This process will be dynamic and have clear outlines in place without being too rigid to adapt to the needs of individual prospects.


It’s likely you’ll have been using another sales process previously, and possibly several of them. Therefore we tackle the transition of your previous process to the new once to ensure your team and leads have a seamless move.

Team Training

Now your new sales process is all ready to go ultimately the success of it comes down to how your team executes the process. Therefore we have a personalised training programme for teams to ensure they’re comfortable with the process and how to follow/personalise it.


After your sales process, transition and team training are complete we also include a 90-day check-in session where we review your sales performance and ensure you’re on the right track. This is a good time to tidy things up and provide updated guidance to the team.

Ongoing Support

Finally, we’re always here for additional support as and when you need it. Whether your business goals or offering have changed and you need your process to adapt accordingly or if you’re onboarding new team members and need some training scheduled.

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Working With Trellis

Trellis are detail oriented, forward thinking and most of all take an overall approach. John has been great at sharing useful information with us, which has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Trellis.

Founder, VĂȘnoor Living

Trellis are a pleasure to work with, we have seen excellent results from their digital marketing activity. Their professional and straight-forward approach makes it easy for us to see the benefits of our investment.

Dara Huang - DH Liberty

Founder, DH Liberty

Trellis are easy to deal with, keen to help, and not shy of looking at new technologies and getting stuck in to make improvements to get results. I would recommend Trellis for helping with all aspects of digital marketing.

MD (UK), Internet Corp Ltd

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