What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is creating useful, interesting and relevant content to attract your target audience and then making that content visible so prospects can find you. Once prospects find your business, we then engage with them by providing continued value to convert and close prospects into clients. Finally, inbound helps delight your clients with tailored content ensuring they become your brand promoters.

Unlike traditional marketing, inbound puts a stop the shouting out loud, annoying, pestering marketing trying to fight for people’s attention. By creating specific content designed to meet the needs of your audience. Potential clients find you and through your expertise and assistance, you build trust and credibility with prospects nurturing them to become your clients and brand ambassadors.


The first phase in the inbound framework. The attract channels are all about making your business visible to your target audience. After we’ve identified your buyer personas we want to ensure they can find your website so you can help them with their challenges and goals.

Channels include SEO, blogging, social and ads.¬†We help you create content that answers the queries your buyer persona’s search for. We identify the social platforms your audiences use and build you a presence. Finally our ads target users where they spend their time online.

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Once you’ve attracted the right visitors to your website we help you convert visitors into prospects by gathering relevant information from them. This allows us to help you add value to your prospects through targeted content and helpful communication.

Channels include CTAs, landing pages and forms. We create specific landing pages for each attract channel so users receive personalised content that matches their intent. By utilising well-considered forms and call-to-actions we build your database of contacts to nurture from prospect to client.

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The close phase of the inbound framework is ensuring you start to see a direct return on your investment in inbound. We work with you to help convert leads into paying clients. This stage is about segmenting your prospects and nurturing them to add value and prove to them your business is a viable solution to their requirements.

Channels here include email, marketing automation, CRM and lead scoring. These tools help us move prospects along the buying journey in a way which suits them. By integrating with your CRM and utilising lead scoring we ensure your sales resource are put to greatest effect working with the warmest leads.

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The final phase of the inbound framework. Delight is about ensuring that once a client signs up with your business they still receive the personalised experience that helped them to become a client in the first place. We serve them bespoke content to show they’re still highly valued and considered in your content creation.

Channels include smart content, transactional email and reporting & analytics. Existing clients are a great opportunity to drive new business through referrals. By using these tools we can work towards your current clients becoming brand promoters for you. Your message is often more trusted in the early stages when passed on from a third party.

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