92% of B2B Decision Makers are More Likely to Purchase if they’ve read a Trusted Review

The work doesn’t stop once you’ve signed a client, we help you ensure they’re delighted enough to become your very own brand ambassadors driving a new wave of leads.

Smart Content

Smart content is about ensuring different users view content which is most relevant to them and their relationship with your business. For example you don’t want to be serving existing clients content which asks them to sign-up for a free trial. By using our tools we can personalise the content for each visitor.

This means existing clients can still gain from new content you produce which is presented in a way which is tailored to them as valued clients of your business. We help you to create content which is adapted for different visitors at each stage of their buying journey from first-time visitor to long-time client.

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Transactional Email

Transactional emails include content such as account updates, terms of service and other essential business information. Your existing clients/subscribers will need to know this information but as we know they’re often not the most exciting emails to receive. However, by being professional and showing clients you value their data and business you can enhance your relationship.

We can help you automate this process to save time and ensure the required information is sent to clients when necessary. We can also assist with a dedicate IP address so your email sender reputation is strong ensuring high deliverability and response.

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Reporting & Analytics

One of our favourite aspects of the inbound framework, reporting & analytics. Not only do we love providing insightful analytics in our reports to you, you can also benefit by providing the same level of value to your clients.

Being able to prove the ROI of your service to clients is one of the most powerful metrics to ensure client retention and getting clients to become your brand ambassadors. We work with clients to identify the right tools and methods of reporting for your specific services and your end user’s goals.

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