Content Marketing Generates 3x as Many Leads as Traditional Marketing

Now we work towards ensuring we provide a suitable user experience for your website visitors and where relevant provide the chance to gather leads.


Call-to-actions are the first step in moving your visitors from using your website as a resource to becoming a lead for you to nurture. What is seemingly a minor tool, is all too often under-considered. Leading to poor placement, irrelevant content and bad timing. An effective CTA considers the intent of the user and the natural flow of the user journey.

CTAs set the tone for the ongoing communication and can set expectations of your prospect you need to ensure you can live up to. How disappointing is it to subscribe for a piece of content only to receive a summary or worse a paywall and further friction and delay to getting your desired information. We help you create, place and monitor CTAs throughout your website.

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Landing Pages

Again often an under considered tool in a digital marketers armoury. Landing pages are crucial in serving users best by considering the content they want and need. Depending on whether a user has come via organic search, social media or a paid ad you should be creating bespoke landing pages for each channel and audience type.

A user searching a ‘how-to’ query is best served with a blog post answering their question, whereas a user clicking an agency ad may want to speak directly with someone in your team. We work with clients and our tools to design and build beautiful, functional landing pages to meet your prospects needs.

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A landing pages and a CTA often need the assistance of a form to work in unison. A well considered form should take into account placement, number and type of fields (mandatory/optional) and design. A form with too many fields can put off users and make them abandon your website whereas too little details and you could be fielding dozens of irrelevant leads wasting your teams valuable time.

We help clients to build and design appropriate forms for each landing page, applying suitable CTAs and testing placements. The information gathered from a form can provide your sales team with marketing qualified leads or leads which need nurturing into the next phase of closing.

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The Close Phase

The next step in the inbound framework is close leads into clients won, generating revenue and providing you with a ROI.

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