89% of Consumers Use Search Engines When Making a Purchasing Decision

This phase is about ensuring your business, brand and website is visible in these searches. We want to help genuine potential customers reach your website when they have a query, request or buying intent which your business can resolve for them.


The channel which Trellis agency started out on, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which we help make your website more visible on the search engines for relevant search queries. There are several aspects to SEO; technical (sitemaps, redirects, site speed), on-page (meta data, copy, images) and authority (citations, inbound links, digital pr).

SEO is an organic way to drive visitors to your website serving them content which meets their needs at different stages of the buying journey. Google is the primary search engine, but we also have Bing, Yahoo and the emergence of DuckDuckGo. We work to optimise your website for highly relevant search terms moving users along the framework.

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This is one of the best channels to differentiate your brand by creating content that not only helps your audience but shows off your skills, brand and the personality of your team. Creating a blog content plan which answers the queries of your buyer persona’s as different stages of their journey is a fantastic way of giving value to your prospects and them thinking of you as a trusted, credible and reliable resource for future enquiries.

Blogging dovetails nicely with SEO in that strong authority can help your blog posts rank higher for more valuable terms. You can also share your blogs on social feeds and utilise for lead nurturing and email marketing. They also work in unison with building up to or launching a larger campaign piece such as an e-book or how-to guide.

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Social media is no secret to you I’m sure, whether for personal or business reasons many of us use social media as part of our daily lives. Used correctly social media can be a powerful channel to promote your brand and engage your audience. Consider why you follow certain pages, perhaps they inform, educate, entertain or inspire? Well that’s what we want to do for your brand too.

There are several social media platforms available for businesses in today’s digital world, we help you identify those which will have the best effect for your business. The content needs to meet the needs of your buyer persona, display your brand voice and where relevant drive visitors to your website to engage further.

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At the start of your inbound journey it’s great to produce wonderful content, have a beautiful, well-optimised website and curated social media feeds. However, if no-one sees any of it, it won’t have much of an impact. That’s were paid ads come in, whether PPC (think Google Ads) or social ads they can be a vastly powerful channel in promoting your message to key audience at specific stages of the buying journey.

Digital ads are highly measurable and can be well-targeted to ensure you receive the desired results for your ad spend. The data we gather from ad campaigns can not only be used to improve future campaigns but also for organic content too. A well-managed ad campaign can help your build your audience, drive relevant leads and ultimately make your business grow.

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The Convert Phase

The next step in the inbound framework is to convert visitors from the attract phase into genuine leads.

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