Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital marketing for SME companies requires a specific skill set and continuous learning. That is what the team at Trellis commit to, digital marketing is a constantly changing environment and only those at the cutting edge can truly make the most of the variety of digital channels available for your business.

We then choose to utilise the inbound framework and methodology to help grow your business.

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The Inbound Framework


The first step in the inbound framework is about serving the right content, in the right place at the right time to your target audience.


Now relevant visitors have come to your website we convert them into leads by providing content to meet their needs.


As you’re building trust with potential clients we now need to work to close leads into business won. This is about timing and lead nurturing.


The work doesn’t stop once a client has signed with you, we help to ensure they’re delighted and become your brand promoters.

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Additional Marketing Services

Although we don’t provide these services directly in-house we have a trusted network of talented individuals we work closely alongside for such projects. We appreciate your business may need supplementary/additional services for your marketing mix, such as;

Website Design
& Development

To take advantage of the plethora of digital marketing services available you will need a well-designed, high-quality website which meets your client’s needs. This will include a responsive site across all devices, a beautiful user interface, fast performance with a well thought out user journey.

Digital PR Services

Digital PR is a natural complimentary service to the inbound marketing services we provide. Digital PR can help to grow your brand with your target audience, establish credibility and promote your content. The online coverage also dovetails nicely with social and search marketing channels we utilise for your business.

Working With Trellis

Trellis are detail oriented, forward thinking and most of all take an overall approach. John has been great at sharing useful information with us, which has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Trellis.

Founder, Vênoor Living

Trellis are a pleasure to work with, we have seen excellent results from their digital marketing activity. Their professional and straight-forward approach makes it easy for us to see the benefits of our investment.

Dara Huang - DH Liberty

Founder, DH Liberty

Trellis have really helped us improve the online profile of Content Creatures. Online enquiries are increasing month-on-month and I genuinely believe that is down to Trellis' commitment to excellent service.

Founder, Content Creatures

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