Our Why?

First and foremost we exist to help talented business owners like yourself grow your business and achieve your goals. If that sounds good to you, we could be a good fit! It’s vitally important you’re happy with us, the work we do and that we can deliver the return on investment you deserve.

The best way for us to do that is that is to confirm we can provide positive results for your business through our discovery process. This helps us to understand more about your business, your goals, competition and target market. Only once we do so can we confidently advise you if we can provide you with value by using our services.

In all we do, across the team we always come back to our why. It gives us the passion, desire and drive to keep delivering for our clients knowing we make a different to your business all that comes with it.


I look after all things strategy, client relations, business development and managing our wonderful team (I do sleep, occasionally!). My drive to get up each morning is working with talented business owners to help you grow your brand through digital. Outside of Trellis you’ll find me at a sporting event, either watching the boxing or following my beloved Nottingham Forest.


I manage social media, SEO and content marketing for our clients, working across strategy, to operations and reporting. From an entrepreneurial family, I’ve spent most of my career with SMEs, start-ups and social entrepreneurs (a big passion of mine.) In my free time you’ll find me eating Spanish food, watching my way through the German film industry (the best!) or globetrotting.


I do a bit of everything here at Trellis, from email marketing to SEO. After previously working brand side, I am now passionate about helping our wide variety of clients with their digital marketing strategy. Outside of work, you will find me either running around clapham common, eating asian food or watching the latest netflix series everyone is talking about.


I work with our B2C clients to help drive their digital strategy. My main focus is on social, SEO and email marketing to drive traffic and increase conversions. I’ve previously worked brand side for an international spa and beauty brand. When I’m not at work you can usually find me listening to a new podcast in the gym or trying to find the best green papaya salad in London!


I work across a few channels here at Trellis, with a particular focus on SEO, Google Shopping & Affiliate Marketing. Startups are my passion, and there is nothing I love more than getting involved in a project before launch & taking it to market. I’m the office hero when it comes to making tea and I’m on a mission to visit 60 countries before 35.

Collaborative, Co-operative & Compatible

What we provide for you;

  • Pro-active, clear and concise communication
  • Continuous learning and access to the latest tools
  • Regular reports on what matters to you
  • Transparent costs and billing

What we ask of you;

  • Regular and honest feedback
  • Responsive to our requests (help us deliver for you)
  • Access to your team as and when required
  • Prompt payment

We really like one of Stephen’s Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People when considering working with a new client, it’s Win-Win or No Deal! This way of working ensures we’re well placed to help your business grow through our marketing framework.

Often, we will likely have worked either in your industry or in a related one, however it’s not always critical as we know marketing and you know your business. We will spend time with you and your team, conduct our research and engage with your clients to gain knowledge of the specific market.

We aim to become an extension of your team, we have built great relationships with our existing clients and wish to do so with all new clients. Through this we develop strong, open and honest working relationships which fosters an environment of progress, support and ultimately success.

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