• Do you own a great business but have difficulty reaching your target customers?
  • Do you struggle to find the time to manage and allocate your marketing budget effectively?
  • If so, Trellis your expert small business marketing consultancy is here to help you.

Your Framework for Business Growth

Discovery & Research

Understanding your small business; its brand story, goals, target audience, etc. are vital to creating an effective plan which will meet your needs.

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Strategy & Planning

Before launching your small business marketing we create a bespoke marketing strategy and plan from the information gathered during our discovery and research process.

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Implement & Optimise

Once we implement your marketing plan the work has only just begun. We continually test, learn and improve to ensure you receive the best ROI.

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Marketing for Small Businesses

Understanding Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you will have specific goals you want to achieve. You will likely be overwhelmed with a huge variety of tasks to do each day and have little time left over for marketing. In a small business we appreciate every penny counts, we know it can be daunting to spend significant funds on marketing when you may not have the skills or experience to deliver a worthwhile return. That’s where a small business marketing agency can come in and help you achieve your goals, maximise your budget and reduce your workload so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Small Business Marketing Agency

As part of our small business marketing consultancy we also aim to educate our clients about digital marketing, we know terms like SEO, PPC and the latest Social Media platforms can often put you off and seem overly complicated. Our job is to simplify these marketing channels and jargon into clear, easy-to-understand language and ultimately explain how Trellis marketing can benefit your business and its bottom line.

Delivering Results for Your Small Business

Our primary goal as small business marketing agency is to help market good businesses that aren’t reaching their goals, if you fit into that category give us a call. We will only work with you if we feel we can provide a strong return on your investment, we know for the right companies we will deliver results therefore we’re honest with you in our evaluation of whether Trellis marketing can help your small business, as we believe it’s better for both parties to be upfront in this way. We will schedule an initial discovery call or meeting, free of charge to establish this and our pricing is open and transparent for you to see. We treat all our customers the same; with great respect for your business, your time and your investment with us.

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small business marketing consultancy - 2 consultants discussing with macbook
small business marketing consultancy - consultant and client discussing project with laptop and notebook

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